Women's Waterproof / Windproof Outdoor Sport Pant (Assorted Colors)

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Hardcore adventure pants designed specifically for women! These pants are lightweight and durable, suitable for a multitude of outdoor activities. They are made from an amazing polyester microfiber material that makes them windproof and waterproof. Great for camping, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, snowshoeing or pretty much anything that you like! Available in several colors and sizes, please refer to the size chart below.

  • Size S, Waist 72-88cm (28-34in), Hip 101cm (39in), Length 100cm (39in)
  • Size M, Waist 76-90cm (30-35in), Hip 103cm (40in), Length 103cm (40in)
  • Size L, Waist 80-94cm (31-37in), Hip 105cm (41in), Length 106cm (41in)
  • Size XL, Waist 82-98cm (32-38in), Hip 107cm (42in), Length 108cm (42in)
  • Size XXL, Waist 84-102cm (33-40in), Hip 109cm (43in), Length 110cm (43in)
  • Size XXXL, Waist 86-107cm (34-41in), Hip 111cm (44in), Length 111cm (44in)